a visual voice.
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Curiously created with a hunger for Truth and a passion to create.

My name is Lenka, and I am contrast. I am quiet, with a lot to say. I want to create moving images using still lines. I mostly speak without using words as I prefer to speak through the lines of my pen. I aspire to grow old while continuously growing more childlike. I believe wisdom lies in simplicity. I always plan ahead while trying to live spontaneously. I am easily captivated by the smaller things in life, while at the same time in search of the bigger picture. I admire intricacy, but feel liberated by simplicity. I am determined and strong, yet sensitive and cautious. I am wonderfully and fearfully made.

I believe more in 'could', less in 'should'. 

I feel at home with the trees and mountains in bigger-picture creation. My honest desire is to sit between and beneath these natural giants while filling blank pages with tiny little lines.

I finished my degree in Visual Communication Design at Stellenbosch University in 2012 and started work as a Graphic Designer (corporately), with a heart's desire is to work with pen illustration as my primary crafting tool. 

A visual voice that communicates through Graphic Design and Hand-illustration

In January 2016 I started Khanja as a means to combine my qualification, experience and passion for intricate hand crafted visuals. With a two-fold purpose, Khanja creates an illustrated alternative in the field of graphic design (logos to lettering to labels; covers to stationary), as well as illustrated artworks (original works and limited edition prints).

Khanja (originally spelled 'Khanya') is a South African name from the Xhosa language, it means 'Enlightenment'. In Zulu it means 'to shine'.